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What is Calpro D Tablet?

Calpro D is a multivitamin used to prevent and treat bone disorders. These disorders include osteomalacia (soft bones), rickets (bone development problems), and osteoporosis (bone loss). These problems occur when your body does not get enough calcium and phosphorus through your diet. This pill’s active ingredients help you get an adequate amount of calcium and phosphorus through your diet. This pill also provides an essential amount of calcium to your body and prevents bone loss. Calpro D maintains calcium amount and protects bone density. This tablet is also effective for the proper functioning of the nerves and muscles. This pill also prevents you from immune system problems, strokes, eye problems, and heart problems by providing calcium to your body. In addition, this pill also provides your vitamin D3, vitamin C, and Algae calcium to maintain your health.

Can I buy Calpro D Online?

Yes! You can buy Calpro D Tablets online, safely and securely, through our website or call us at 03111136337.

How effective is Calpro D?

Calpro D is an effective combination of three vitamins that help prevent several diseases, like bone disorders. Doctors consider this tablet one of the most effective treatments for low calcium and phosphorus levels, leading to nerve or bone problems. In addition, this tablet also protects your bone density and maintains the proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

Why choose Calpro D?

If you want to prevent and treat different disorders related to bones, heart, muscle, skin, and nerves, Calpro D is one of the best options you have. This tablet helps the body maintain adequate calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and vitamin D3. In addition, Calpro D is considered safe for adults and elders with low calcium or phosphorus levels, bone problems, poor nerve functioning, and several heart problems.

What is contained in Calpro D?

The active ingredients of Calpro D are Algae Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C. Algae Calcium is derived from ocean algae. Vitamin D3 is a member of the class of vitamin D. Vitamin C belongs to a class of drugs known as antioxidants or ascorbic acid. These minerals are essential to support your heart, skin, bones, muscles, and nerves health.

How should I take Calpro D?

Usually, it is recommended to use Calpro D with your doctor’s advice. But, to treat different symptoms of bone disorders, you may use Calpro D for up to four weeks.

For children (1-17)

Calpro D is not recommended for use in children.

For adults (18-65)

Take one tablet of Calpro D one to two times a day.

For Elders (above 65)

The usual dose of Calpro D is the same as for adults.

Take a missed dose of Calpro D as soon as you remember. However, skip Calpro D 10 mg’s missed dose if you are almost due for the next.

How does Calpro D work?

Several reasons can cause low calcium levels, bone disorders, and other vitamin deficiencies, such as alcohol consumption, medicine use, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and chronic kidney problems. If not appropriately treated, the symptoms of bone diseases and vitamin deficiencies do not go away quickly and cause severe problems. Calpro D works by helping the body consume calcium and phosphorus through diet. This pill also provides calcium that acts as an antioxidant.

How long can I take Calpro D?

It is recommended to take Calpro D as a long-term treatment, as advised by your doctor. However, contact your doctor if bone disorders symptoms do not improve after two weeks. In addition, Calpro D can cause side effects, such as mental or mood changes, unusual tiredness, high levels of calcium, and increased urination. Therefore, it is wise to use Calpro D exactly as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist.

Can I take Calpro D whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

The active ingredients of Calpro D are essential to support your health during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition, these active ingredients are also effective to support the health of unborn babies and infants. Therefore, it is safe to take this pill during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, consult your doctor before taking Calpro D during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What are the side effects of Calpro D?

Calpro D may cause some side effects, but they are infrequent.

This tablet does not have any side effects at normal doses.

An overdose of Calpro D may cause nausea, vomiting, signs of high vitamin D or calcium levels, loss of appetite, constipation, increased thirst, unusual tiredness, mental mood changes, and increased urination.

Calpro D can cause allergic reactions, such as hives, skin rash, swelling, and itching.

Other Warnings to consider

  • Be careful while using Calpro D without the doctor’s consent.
  • Share your medical history with your doctor before using Calpro D, especially of hypercalcemia, malabsorption, hypervitaminosis, kidney disease, heart problems, and an electrolyte imbalance.
  • Inform your doctor or if you are allergic to the active ingredient of Calpro D.
  • Do not consume alcohol or marijuana with Calpro D.
  • Do not take other multivitamins and herbal products with Calpro D.