About Us

emeds.pk is a digital healthcare provider, offering an easier and smarter way to look after your health at affordable prices.

Our licensed pharmacy is run by friendly, qualified staff who care about you and your family’s health and wellbeing, while the rest of the emeds team are continuously working hard to make sure our excellent level of customer service is maintained so that you can access quality health care at the click of a few buttons.

Our Vision

emeds.pk is made up of people who are always striving to help you and you and your family look after your health effortlessly.A coming together of health and tech experts with a common goal of making good quality healthcare easily accessible throughout Pakistan with a click of a few buttons.

Our mission is simple; to provide healthcare with a difference to people whose lives don’t suit the status quo.From people with chronic conditions to people who live in far flung rural areas our aim is clear; to provide a simple yet effective service so that quality healthcare can be accessed from anywhere and genuine medicines delivered to your doorstep wherever you maybe in Pakistan.

Our Values

Here at emeds we aim to be a reliable and affordable healthcare provider.We're proud to be able to change people's lives for the better, but also want to use our time to help educate people and improve health and wellbeing generally.We use our professional credentials to raise awareness, improve access to healthcare, and influence affordable healthcare more broadly.

With experience of operating in foreign markets where strict regulations, procedures and patient awareness makes for an advance healthcare system, we believe the plight of the healthcare system in Pakistan is in part due to the lack of adequate procedures and patient awareness.Thus the team at emeds believe that by introducing appropriate systems and raising patient awareness they can contribute towards improving the healthcare system in Pakistan.

  • Complaints / Feedback

    We take customer feedback very seriously.Our aim is to ensure every single customer has a assuring and happy experience when using emeds.pk. You can give us feedback by contacting us by phone, email or our live chat.

  • Prescriptions & Online Doctor

    We offer a complete range of prescription medicines and specialize in managing monthly patient accounts.
    Our friendly in house doctors are available online to provide health consultations, reviewing and issuing prescriptions so that you are never without access to that essential care.

Trust You Want

Our company is built upon years of knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry having successfully operated both retail and online pharmacies in foreign markets.With strict adherence to best practices and international standard SOPs our team are highly trained and providing unrivalled patient satisfaction is our number one focus. Medicines are dispensed from our company owned and operated licenced pharmacy under the supervision of a qualified and highly trained pharmacist.

Genuine Medicines

Our strict guidelines and procedures on sourcing ensure that all of our medications are genuine and effective.We only partner with reputable brands and our robust system ensures that the supply of medication from the source of manufacturing to eventual supply is managed in the safest and most guaranteed way. Whether you choose a leading brand or a cost-effective generic, all of our drugs are genuine and effective.

Service & Value

Our staff, from our pharmacists to our dedicated customer service team, are friendly and always eager to help.If you have a problem or wish to discuss something, they're always on hand to assist you via phone, live chat or email. We always strive to deliver outstanding value to our customers by providing genuine medicines at affordable prices. At emeds.pk you'll always find amazing savings on well-known healthcare brands and over the counter medications.

Professional Expertise

Our company is built and founded by professional pharmacists and tech experts.We are fully licenced and always have an on-site qualified pharmacist who is responsible for dispensing each and every prescription medication. Oct exposure in foreign health care industries ensures training and development of the highest standards across all resources and disciplines.


Our reliance on technology and ecommerce means that you are always able to access medicines of the highest standard as and when you require them.Access to quality yet affordable medicines has been our company's primary focus. With the assistance of technology you can easily order medication for yourself and your family with the click of a few buttons. We provide delivery to your doorstep where ever you maybe in Pakistan or collect in store service for customers within Lahore.

Social Responsibility

At emeds.pk we take our role in healthcare incredibly seriously.We recognise, that for many people we are a point of help and advice as much as we are there to deliver their medicines safely, discreetly and on time. We continue to address issues related to health of both local and national importance with our team primary focus to improve people's lives by raising awareness healthcare and technology.

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