Quality Policy

Emeds Pharmacy is an innovative retail and digital healthcare platform in Pakistan. Quality and commitment are two of our defining principles. As such, we are committed to providing quick and convenient access to a wide range of services in the fields of;

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Health and OTC
  • Surgical and other medical equipment
  • Skincare, cosmetics, beauty products and more!

As the leading online and in-store pharmacy in Pakistan, we maintain the highest quality standards, as well as regulatory requirements.

Eight Fundamental Principles

We at emeds Pharmacy commit to eight fundamental principles that help ensure we always
maintain our quality and unrivaled service.

1: Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential to creating the foundation of a successful business and establishing long-term relationships. It is established by maintaining an unmatched management system that ensures the quality and timely delivery of products.

2: Meaningful Feedback

Quick feedback and efficient responses to complaints or requests make for a happy customer.Giving meaningful advice and satisfactory answers to queries with professional conduct allow the building of a valuable relationship.

3: Respectful Conduct

Treating every visitor and working employee with respect promotes a healthy work environment.It is the key to maintain an inviting atmosphere.

4: Safety

Many healthcare products are delicate and require certain conditions for healthy upkeep. The method of handling, storage, as well as transportation, are not only legal but also an ethical responsibility.

5: Competency

Ensuring the competency of all personnel and providing necessary resources enhances the capabilities of the company. Competent staff and management carry a very high worth in the corporate sector.

6: Improve Communications

Relationships with suppliers and distributors must be seamless. Uninterrupted, as well as quick communication ensures a significant reduction in delivery incidents and nonconformities related to these suppliers.

7: Compliance with the Laws

Full compliance with all the applicable national and international laws and regulations promotes transparency, trust, and customer loyalty.

8: Monitor and Review

Periodic monitoring and reviewing the company infrastructure is essential to continued improvement in the Quality Management System. The establishment of realistic objectives and their timely fulfilment ensures the continuation of superior services. Systematic review of internal policies, procedures, promotion of risk-basedthinking, internal and external auditing, and management review meeting in the pharmacy operations exponentially increase the efficiency of a company.

This quality policy is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure its suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness. It is communicated to all relevant stakeholders, and their compliance is ensured.

A pledge from the management

Commitment to superior quality is an integral part of the emeds Pharmacy’s corporate principles. We ensure all products sold from our premises are genuine and sourced from licensed and authentic sources. These products are then kept in a controlled environment to ensure no loss of potency and effectiveness. We make sure to train our staff on ethics and principles of retail and digital business and in essence contribute towards shaping a healthier and safer environment for the community. We never compromise on the safety, compliance, and quality of our products and services. Every member of the team is committed to this responsibility and actively takes steps to uphold these ideals. This obligation is necessary for the protection of individuals, families, customers, and our brand.

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