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What is Pulmonol 120ml?

Pulmonol 120ml syrup is a medication commonly used to treat respiratory conditions. Specifically, this medication is designed to alleviate symptoms associated with lung diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), to name a few. The active ingredients in Pulmonol relax the muscles in the airways, making breathing easier for people struggling with respiratory issues.

Can I buy Pulmonol 120ml online?

Yes! You can buy Pulmonol 120ml syrup online safely and securely through our website or call us at 03111136337.

How effective is Pulmonol 120ml?

When it comes to combating respiratory illnesses and keeping your lungs healthy, you want a treatment that is reliable and effective. Pulmonol 120ml syrup is a popular solution known for its ability to reduce inflammation, soothe coughs, and relieve those suffering from asthma or bronchitis. With its exceptional blend of natural ingredients, this powerful formula eliminates the source of your respiratory distress, helping you to breathe easier and feel better in no time. 

Why choose Pulmonol 120ml?

If you're looking for relief from cough and chest congestion, you might want to consider Pulmonol 120ml syrup. This medicine is specially formulated to treat respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, and other conditions that cause coughing and breathing difficulties. It contains natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, mint, and thyme, which work together to soothe inflammation, loosen mucus, and provide immediate relief. Unlike other cough syrups that often leave you feeling tired and sluggish, Pulmonol 120ml syrup is non-drowsy, so you can go about your day without feeling groggy. Plus, it has a pleasant taste, making it easy to swallow, even for children. 

What is contained in Pulmonol 120ml?

Pulmonol 120ml syrup is a medicine designed to help alleviate respiratory issues. It contains a combination of ingredients that open up airways and promote easier breathing. Among these ingredients are Chlorphenamine maleate, Ephedrine hydrochloride, menthol,  Potassium citrate etc. When applied topically, Pulmonol 120ml syrup releases a cooling sensation that helps to alleviate discomfort in the chest and throat. 

How should I take Pulmonol 120ml?

Taking medication can sometimes be confusing, but taking Pulmonol 120ml syrup doesn't have to be. It's important to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider or on the packaging. Typically, Pulmonol is taken by mouth, either with or without food. It's essential to use the measuring cup provided with the medication to ensure you take the correct amount. It would help if you also shook the bottle well before each use. It's vital to finish the recommended course of medication, even if your symptoms improve before the medication is gone. If you have questions or concerns about taking Pulmonol 120ml syrup, consult your healthcare provider for guidance.

For Children (1-17 years)

  • Children below six are not recommended to take it.
  • Children above 6 to 11 are recommended to take  10-15 ml every 4-6 hours, as needed.
  • Children above 12 to 17 are recommended to take 20-30 ml every 4-6 hours, as needed.

For Adults (18-65 years)

Take 20-30 ml every 4-6 hours, as needed.

For Elders (above 65 years)

No exact information is available for the dosage of elders. However, the intake of medicines for elders is more likely the same as for adults, 20-30 ml a day.

Do not stop taking it even if you feel better. Take the Pulmonol 120ml syrup for as long as the doctor has suggested. Do not miss the recommended dosage of Pulmonol 120ml syrup. If you missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, skip the missed dose if you are almost due for the next.

How does Pulmonol 120ml work?

Pulmonol 120ml works by delivering active chemical components to the body. These components support the body's natural defences and enhance its immunity. The drug also targets specific cells and tissues to reduce inflammation, clear airways, and improve respiration. Its biological action helps break down mucus deposits so they can be expelled from the lungs more easily. This lessens the chance of infection and helps to relieve symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, breathlessness, and chest tightness. Pulmonol 120ml is a safe and effective way to manage respiratory conditions caused by allergies or infections. It can also be combined with other medications to provide more complete relief. 

How long can I take Pulmonol 120ml?

Pulmonol 120ml syrup is a bronchodilator that helps relax and open up the airways in your lungs, making breathing easier. It's typically used for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and bronchitis. Suppose you're taking Pulmonol 120ml syrup as directed by your doctor, and you're experiencing positive results without any negative side effects. In that case, you may be able to continue taking it for an extended period. It may take around three weeks to have full effect. However, always following your doctor's instructions and prioritising your overall health and well-being is important.

Can I take Pulmonol 120ml whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

Pulmonol is generally safe to use; it's always better to err on the side of caution when it concerns your and your baby's health. So, discuss your concerns with your doctor or other medical professionals before taking any medication or supplements during Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What are the side effects of Pulmonol 120ml?

Pulmonol 120ml syrup is a common medication for treating respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. While it can effectively ease symptoms and improve breathing, it's important to know the potential side effects. Some common side effects of Pulmonol 120ml syrup include headaches, tremors, and nervousness. More adverse side effects, such as chest pain or irregular heartbeat, may occur in rare cases. Speaking with your doctor if you experience any adverse effects while taking this medication is essential. Remember, proper communication with your healthcare provider is critical to ensuring you receive the best care for your respiratory condition.

Other Warnings to Consider
  • It is important to remember that Pulmonol 120ml should not be taken if the patient has a known hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. 
  • It should not be given simultaneously with diuretics or other bronchodilators, as this could increase their combined effect. 
  • It is also advised not to take Pulmonol 120ml in conjunction with other drugs that can reduce the patient's blood pressure, such as beta-blockers and calcium antagonists.
  • Patients are advised to inform their doctor immediately if they experience any of the following side effects while taking Pulmonol 120ml: difficulty breathing, swelling of the face or throat, hives, rash, chest pain, dizziness or lightheadedness. If these symptoms occur, the patient must stop taking Pulmonol 120ml and immediately seek medical attention.
  • Those with a history of cardiovascular disease should discuss potential risks with their doctor before taking Pulmonol 120ml. 
  • Pregnant women are advised to refer their doctor regarding the advisability of taking this medication. 
  • It is also essential for individuals to remember that Pulmonol 120ml may affect the functioning of other medications. 
  • Pulmonol 120ml interacts with codeine, hydrocodone, alcohol, marijuana, cannabis alprazolamlorazepam, zolpidem, carisoprodolcyclobenzaprine, cetirizine and diphenhydramine.

What is Pulmonol 120ml syrup used for?

Pulmonol 120ml syrup is a medication commonly used to treat respiratory conditions.

What is the active ingredient in Pulmonol 120ml syrup?

It contains ingredients such as Chlorphenamine maleate, Ephedrine hydrochloride, menthol,  Potassium citrate etc.

Can both men and women use Pulmonol 120ml syrup?

Yes, men and women can take Pulmonol 120ml syrup Syrup.

For how long can I take Pulmonol 120ml syrup?

Typically, the course of treatment for Pulmonol 120ml syrup will last three weeks. Following your doctor's instructions carefully ensures you get the best possible results from this medication.

For how many hours apart shall I take Pulmonol 120ml syrup?

It usually requires a 12-8 hours gap for the next dose, 2 to 3 times a day. But you can take it as your doctor prescribes.

For how often should I take Pulmonol 120ml syrup?

You can take 2-3 teaspoons of syrup in a single day. The doctor may change the dosage according to your symptoms.

Can pregnant women use Pulmonol 120ml syrup?

This can be used in Pregnancy, according to the doctor's direction.

Is Pulmonol 120ml syrup safe to be used by the breastfeeding mother?

No clear information was found about whether that rater  Pulmonol 120ml syrup is safe or not to be used by breastfeeding mothers, so discuss your healthcare provider before taking it.

Can I use Pulmonol 120ml syrup on an empty stomach?

You may take Pulmonol 120ml syrup with or without food.

Will using Pulmonol 120ml syrup affect my ability to drive or work?

Yes, Pulmonol 120ml syrup will affect your ability to drive or work. Avoid driving if you experience dizziness.

Does Pulmonol 120ml syrup become allergic?

Yes, Pulmonol 120ml syrup tablet may become allergic if you are allergic to its active elements, maleate, Ephedrine hydrochloride, menthol,  Potassium citrate etc. The inactive ingredients may also reason allergic reactions.

How does Pulmonol 120ml syrup manifest its allergies?

Pulmonol 120ml syrup allergy issues include rash, itching, roughness, trouble breathing, swallowing, or swelling of your hands, face, or mouth.

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