Conaz 10g

Atco Laboratories Rs.102

Daktarin 10g

Johnson And Johnson Rs.129

Daktarin Oral 20g

Johnson And Johnson Rs.190

Diflucan 150mg

Pfizer Laboratories Rs.544

Diflucan 50mg

Pfizer Laboratories Rs.1112

Erdozet 150mg

Continental Pharmaceutical Ind Co Rs.147

Fluderm 150mg

Nabiqasim Industries Rs.190

Fluderm 50mg

Nabiqasim Industries Rs.699


Tabros Pharma Rs.150

Fonaz 150mg

Atco Laboratories Rs.140

Fucidin 250mg

Leo Pharmaceutical Products Rs.3061

Fudic Cream 15g

Shaigan Pharmaceuticals Rs.293

Hiflucan 150mg

Himont Pharmaceutical Rs.314

Icon 100mg

Ferozsons Laboratories Rs.299

Myconil 30ml

Amson Pharma & Vaccine Rs.70

Nilstat 30ml

Pfizer Laboratories Rs.73

Terbisil 20ml

Saffron Pharmaceutical Company Rs.330

Terbisil 30ml

Saffron Pharmaceutical Company Rs.520

Terbisil Topical 10g

Saffron Pharmaceutical Company Rs.230

Terbisil 250mg

Saffron Pharmaceutical Company Rs.520

Zolanix 150mg

Stiefel Laboratories Rs.656

Zudic 15g

Nabiqasim Industries Rs.206

Zudic 5g

Nabiqasim Industries Rs.75

Onamed 150mg

High-Q International Rs.221

Fucidin 15g

Leo Pharmaceutical Products Rs.427

Fudic Ointment 15g

Shaigan Pharmaceuticals Rs.284

Fudic 5g

Shaigan Pharmaceuticals Rs.75

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