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What is Entox-P?

Entox-P Tablets can help relieve diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, heartburn and nausea. It works by binding certain acids and toxins in the stomach and the digestive tract. Entox-P contains Attapulgite as its active ingredient, which is classified as an adsorbent. Entox-P limits the loss of water, thereby reducing the number of loose bowels. It helps improve the consistency in stool and lessens abdominal pain caused by diarrhoea.

Can I buy Entox-P Online?

Yes! You can buy Entox-P Tablets online, safely and securely, through our website or call us at 03111136337.

What is contained in Entox-P Tablet?

Entox-P Tablet contains Attapulgite as its active ingredient. Attapulgite is an adsorbent, which means it binds the majority of toxins and bacteria in your stomach. That’s how it helps reduce watery stools and increases their consistency.

How effective is Entox-P Tablet?

Entox-P Tablet is one of the most effective medicines to relieve the symptoms associated with diarrhoea and an upset stomach. It helps make the feeling of nausea and abdominal cramping go away and bring your condition back to normal. Entox-P Tablet is composed of Attapulgite, which is an adsorbent. It helps reduce watery stools and improves their consistency. 

Why choose Entox-P Tablet?

Entox-P Tablet gives you peace from cramping, nausea and watery stools caused by diarrhoea. This pill works to return your body to its original state of equilibrium. Entox-P Tablet increases the consistency of stools and limits the watery texture. It works to absorb a large number of toxins and bacteria in the stomach. Doctors and pharmacists frequently prescribe Entox-P Tablet for its amazing effectiveness. Entox-P Tablet is one of the best anti-diarrhoea medicines on the market.

How does Entox-P work?

Entox-P works by adsorbing toxins, bacteria and water from the stomach. As a result, it contributes to firmer stools and helps reduce fluid loss from diarrhoea. That’s how Entox-P reduces your abdominal pain and makes the stools consistent and easier to pass.

How should I take Entox-P Tablet?

Usually, it is recommended to use Entox-P Tablet on your doctor’s advice to treat nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. However, this is Entox-P Tablet’s most common dosing formula;

For Children (1-17)

Children may take one tablet of Entox-P after every bowel movement. They may not take Entox-P more than 8 tablets a day or for more than 2 consecutive days.

For adults (18-65)

Adults may take two tablets of Entox-P after every bowel movement. They may not take Entox-P more than 16 tablets a day or for more than 2 consecutive days.

For Elders (above 65)

The dosage of Entox-P is the same for elders as adults.

Preferably, take Entox-P immediately after a bowel movement.

Your doctor or pharmacist may recommend Entox-P in a different dose according to the severity of your disease, condition, reaction, body weight and age.

Take a missed dose of Entox-P as soon as you remember it unless you are almost due for the next dose. In that case, skip the missed dose of Entox-P and return to the normal dosing schedule.

How long can I take Entox-P?

You may use Entox-P Tablets for as long as two days to relieve the symptoms of diarrhoea. However, excessive and careless use of Entox-P may cause constipation, bloating, stomach upset, flatulence and nausea. Therefore, it is wise to use Entox-P for only as long as your doctor recommends. Stop its use immediately when your prescription ends.

Can I take Entox-P whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

Entox-P is safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding. However, you must still consult your doctor or emeds pharmacist before using Entox-P under such conditions.

What are the side effects of Entox-P?

Entox-P Tablet may cause some side effects, but they are infrequent. 

This tablet’s most common side effects are constipation, bloating, stomach upset, flatulence and nausea.

Other possible serious effects linked to Entox-P Tablet are caused by an allergy to the active ingredient, like hives, swelling, difficulty breathing and tightness in the chest.

Other Warnings to consider

  • Be careful while using Entox-P Tablet, especially without the doctor’s consent.
  • Share your medical history, especially about infection, intestinal bleeding, travel history, other abdominal disorders and pregnancy, with your doctor before using Entox-P Tablet.
  • Inform your doctor or if you are allergic to the active ingredients of Entox-P Tablet.
  • Do not consume alcohol or marijuana with Entox-P Tablet.
  • Do not use benztropine, trihexyphenidyl, loxapine, dicyclomine and opiate pain medication with Entox-P Tablet.