Bofalgan 1g (100ml)

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About Bofalgan 1g 100ml

Bofalgan 1g 100ml Injection helps treat pain and lower the fever. It is an analgesic and antipyretic solution for infusion. It is mainly restricted to adults, adolescents, and children weighing more than 33kg. It contains paracetamol 10mg/ml solution, which is a pain killer drug.

How effective is Bofalgan 1g 100ml?

Bofalgan 1g 100ml injections are among the most effective treatments available for short-term treatment of moderate pain, especially following surgery. This injection can also help in the short-term treatment of fever.

It works by blocking the release of a few chemicals in the brain that signal pain sensation.

Can I buy Bofalgan 1g 100ml online in Pakistan?

Yes! You can buy Bofalgan 1g 100ml injections online through our website or call us at 0311 113 6337

What dose should I choose?

For adults (ages 18 years and older), take an oral dosage of 3 (Bofalgan 1g 100ml injections) a day.

For children (below 18 years), it is administered as per body weight e.g. less than 10kg 30m/kg .

Try not to exceed the given dosage. If you have any medication queries, consult with your doctor or a pharmacist at emeds Pharmacy.

What are the side effects and other warnings when taking Bofalgan 1g 100ml?

All products with an active ingredient can cause side effects, although they are rare.

Side effects can include:

  • A general feeling of being unwell.
  • A drop in the blood pressure.
  • Changes in a liver enzyme found during blood checks.
  • Redness of the skin.
  • Cases of pain.
  • Burning sensation.

These effects tend to be temporary and may disappear when your body adjusts to this medication. You should stop the use immediately and consult your doctor or a pharmacist if an allergic reaction occurs.

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