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Pakistan and other countries around face severe air pollution issues. At first, many confused it with fog as it was accompanied with winters and the fog. The atmospheric pollutants or gases rise to the extent that it makes us difficult to breathe even when we're indoors. 

Air pollution, smog and other similar issues not only makes it difficult for an asthmatic to breathe, but an average person finds it equally disturbing. In the past years, did we really find out what smog is and how are we going to prevent ourselves? Seems like it won't be going away very soon and the best option is to adopt preventive measures and be ready for smog before it arrives. 

What Exactly Smog Is And How Is It Formed?

When sunlight reacts with the gases, and the fuel is burnt in factories, smog is formed. It is a result of excessive air pollution, heavy traffic and high temperatures. According to the researchers, the excessive use of vehicles and zero interest by the government to improve air quality, we're deteriorating every year. Smog usually appears around winters as the wind speed drops, it makes the polluted air and smoke to stay stagnant. Consequently, it forms a cover near the ground closer to where people are respiring. Smog not only upsets our breathing but also hampers the visibility.

Humans in today's world are not new to pollution. We have polluted almost everything we had our hands on. As a result of all the previous years, we have now starting to reap the rotten fruits of our ill planted deeds. The least interest in making our environment healthy, we're now left with breathing in smog and burning our lungs. The cities like Lahore, Beijing and Delhi are by far the worst-hit cities around the world. Let's just hope that it still isn't too late to take care of what we've ruined before. 

Preventive Measures Federal And Provincial Take To Beat Smog  

Taking notice of this extremely upsetting situation, the Punjab government decided that strict action will be taken against the people who are causing air and environmental pollution. The people who'll be held accountable are those who burn crop stubbles, and those who are emitting industrial, vehicular wastes. The Punjab government has taken following precautionary measures so far:


  • Banning people who are burning the remains of crops and garbage
  • The department of environment has also banned construction of new brick kilns
  • Have so far shut down 178 steel mills and 36 brick kilns that were causing air pollution
  • Contact has been made to the Punjab government, India to take precautionary measures in their part of the state as well.


The article will help to enlighten you about the best safety and precautionary measures which you can take whilst the smog is still here!. 

1. Set Up Indoor Humidifiers And Filter System

Living in an area where experiencing smog is a day to day thing? It would be best if you immediately got yourself an air purifier or a humidifier as it is worth the investment. Humidifiers and air purifiers help to reduce the air pollutants that enter our house and stays there. It keeps your family safe from inhaling that unhealthy air and also, saves you from a lot of allergies. They'll help eliminate allergens like dust, smoke, pollens and chemicals present in the air. 

2. Avoid Visiting Congested Areas In The Times Of Smog

During the days when smog is on its peak, it is recommended to avoid going to the congested areas. These areas include seaports, airports, busy traffic routes etc. where a higher level of pollutants is recorded. Moreover, if you live in an area where the air quality index is high, it is better to keep your windows closed.

3. Wear Face Covering Or Masks

As the air quality keeps deteriorating, it engulfs the whole city, and you are stuck breathing that polluted air. For that purpose, the best safety tip while going outdoors is to either use fabric face coverings or face masks. They help us to keep away from all those harmful particles and gases that enter into our lungs. Moreover, save us from serious health hazards too. 

4. Detoxify Your Lungs

The pollutants are more or less everywhere, which means we breathe them into our lungs despite all the efforts to avoid it. This makes detoxifying our lungs very important. Unaware of how to do it? Well, it is easy. Consume Jaggery (Gurr). Jaggery is an ingredient which is commonly found in Asian countries. It can either be eaten raw, or you can add it to your food, it tastes sweet and said to have properties that detoxify our lungs. 

5. Do Not Workout In A Polluted Area

Though exercising and working out is a healthy practice, but it won't be wrong to say, smog makes it unhealthy. Do not skip your workouts, instead plan them on such a time when there is less smog outside. The most suitable time is early morning or late evenings. This is strictly recommended to workout indoors if you suffer from allergic coughs or other respiratory problems.

6. Stay As Much Hydrated As You Can

The second best way to detoxify your lungs and body apart from jaggery is to consume loads of water. Liquids, especially water, can easily flush out all the pollutants that enter your lungs and body through breathing in smog. Be it juices, water or green tea, it will detoxify and prove as the best cleanser for your body!

7. Keep Yourself And Your Surroundings Healthy

Stressing so much about planting trees is never enough, and to be honest, it has become more critical since we have started experiencing smog. Having lots of trees around us have incredible benefits on our health and the environment as well. They play a vital role in keeping the pollutants away and also make the air healthier and breathable. 

9. Take The Healthiest Diet

Health specialists strictly recommend adding detoxifying foods to your diet as it is equally essential to keep you safe in the times of smog. Try adding Vitamin C, omega Fatty acids, and magnesium to stay healthy. Furthermore, taking fruits, beans, and nuts are also considered healthy in such situations.

10. Do Not Smoke Indoors

Smoking is considered as another major source of pollution. Furthermore, it can be even more dangerous if it is done indoors and at a place where there is no proper ventilation. Smoking indoors can become hazardous and can also trigger respiratory diseases. For that, it is best to quit smoking altogether, or at least stop smoking inside your house. 

The Last Few Words For You

In the times of smog or any other similar situation, you must learn the best way to avoid it and teach others about it as well. Spreading awareness on issues like these can make a lot of difference for the people who do not know much about it. Start from your friends, relatives and neighbours and tell them how their activities can increase the risk of smog and how can they keep themselves safe and take precautionary measures. 

Stay Safe!

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