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About Bexus 500mg

Bexus 500mg Tablet is an antibacterial medication used to treat several infectious disorders like pneumonia, Sinusitis and Bronchitis. It is also effective against certain bacterial, respiratory and urinary tract infections.

How effective is Bexus 500mg?

The most critical ingredient of Bexus 500mg Tablet is Levofloxacin. Bexus belongs to the Fluoroquinolone Antibacterial class of medicines. Fluoroquinolones prevent certain types of bacterial infections on the skin, prostate, urinary bladder, kidney, and urinary tract.  

Can I buy Bexus 500mg online in Pakistan?

Yes! You can buy Bexus 500mg Tablets online through our website or call us at 0311 113 6337.

What dose should I choose?

Bexus 500mg Tablet is advised to be swallowed without chewing with a glass of water. The typical dosage of this medication is 250-750 mg every 24 hours.

Children (17 or below):

The recommended dosage is 8mg/kg or 3.5mg/lb every 12 hours. The maximum dosage of Bexus is 250mg for children.

The duration of this medication is;

7-14 days for pneumonia

7 days for bronchitis

28 days for swollen prostate

10 days for kidney infections

What are the side-effects and other warnings when taking Bexus 500mg?

Bexus 500mg Tablet should not be used by patients allergic to quinolone or fluoroquinolone based products. 

Bexus 500mg Tablet’s dose should be adjusted in patients with renal disorders.

Bexus 500mg Tablet’s use can cause severe hypersensitivity reactions, usually after the first dose.

Patients are advised not to expose themselves unnecessarily to artificial UV rays or sunlight during treatment.

The long time use of Bexus 500mg Tablet can cause superinfection. In such a case, appropriate steps should be taken.

The patient should immediately consult an eye specialist if Bexus 500mg Tablet affects eyesight.

It should not be used:

  • During Pregnancy
  • By breastfeeding women
  • By epilepsy patients

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